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Kubernetes and container security

In this article we will focus on Kubernetes security and containers. More specifically on what kind of solution leading hedge companies are using today to face container security issues and open source tools they rely on. What are the technical best practices to avoid security vulnerabilities on container? What kind of open source tools can be used to detect vulnerabilities? 

12/09/2019 Discover 

3 questions to Sébastien Bourguignon, Principal & Lead Digital Influencer at Margo

Once a week, Havas Blockchain interviews key people of the blockchain ecosystem. Sébastien Bourguignon, our Principal & Lead Digital Influencer, accepted to participate in this initiative. Discover his interview:

25/07/2018 Discover 

A new DevOps thought on Paris Containers Day

Paris Containers Day (PCD) took place, perhaps not surprisingly, in Paris on June 26th. About 300 people, including both speakers and attendees gathered at the New Cap Events Center to discuss Orchestration. The day started with a surprise keynote where an orchestra played a few pieces including Mozart, Holst & Arensky. The point was to prove that synchronization and good use of resources is at the essence of productivity.

13/07/2018 Discover 

Kaggle Challenge: TalkingData AdTracking Fraud Detection

TalkingData, China’s largest independent big data service platform, covers over 70% of active mobile devices nationwide. Their current approach to prevent click fraud for app developers is to measure the journey of a user’s click across their portfolio, and flag IP addresses who produce lots of clicks, but never end up installing apps. While successful, they want to always be one step ahead of fraudsters and have turned to the Kaggle community for help in further developing their solution.

31/05/2018 Discover 
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