Data to Business

Making data your growth driver

Margo helps you to transform your data into a growth driver. By becoming a data driven company, with omnipresent and available data, you are able to made the best business decisions and then, to gain a competitive advantage.

Your challenges
Going in the right direction to create value from data
Thanks to data analysis, you can manage and create new customer behaviors and business models. Companies now use data as a concrete value creator. Many of them are already leading interesting data projects (Data Lab, Data Sciences, Machine Learning, Deep Learning).

Data affects all industries and businesses. But data projects are too often focused on technologies and not enough on the use cases.
Our answer
A phased approach based on experimentation
We accompany you through four complementary steps covering the whole data processing chain:
• we identify the use cases by defining with both the IT and the business teams a common model generating ROI
• we support your teams while they are upgrading their skills in data science and technical solution architecture
• we implement an organization based on a Data Lab led by a community of ad-hoc practices
• we realize and industrialize your data projects at the company scale
Our added-value
We are leaders of a precursor sector in the valorization of data on a large scale: the Financial Markets. Historically we collect the relevant data, develop models and controllers that are direct revenue drivers.

With our innovative approach, we can prove the value of a business use case in only 10 weeks: 2 days to identify the use case, 2 weeks to frame it and 2 months to implement it.

GO WORK Together: do you have a data project and don’t know how to drive revenue from your data? Contact us!
With our innovative approach, we can prove the value of a business use case in only 10 weeks
years of expertise in Data
weeks to prove value
key partners in the market

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In 2020, corporate investment in data projects is expected to exceed 203 billion dollars worldwide. But at a time when many are claiming to be Data Driven Companies, lots of data projects end in failure. Yet most of these failures are unnecessary and due to well-known causes! Focus on the recurrent pitfalls to avoid.

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TalkingData, China’s largest independent big data service platform, covers over 70% of active mobile devices nationwide. Their current approach to prevent click fraud for app developers is to measure the journey of a user’s click across their portfolio, and flag IP addresses who produce lots of clicks, but never end up installing apps. While successful, they want to always be one step ahead of fraudsters and have turned to the Kaggle community for help in further developing their solution.

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Data Science applied to the retail industry: 10 essential use cases

Data Science is having an increasing impact on business models in all industries, including retail. According to IBM, 62% of retailers say the use of Big Data techniques gives them a serious competitive advantage. Knowing what your customer wants and when, is today at your fingertips thanks to data science. You just need the right tools and the right processes. We present in this article 10 essential applications of data science in the field of retail.

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