Rémi, Microsoft Addict

Discover Rémi’s testimony, R&D Consultant at Margo

After graduating from ECE, with a specialization in Finance, I wanted to join a computing services company in the Financial Markets. It appeared to me to be the best way to work on challenging subjects within a prestigious Corporate and Investment Bank, while being accompanied in my mission choices. Thus, in 2012, I started at Margo on a Front Office mission, that allowed me to work on critical situations with an agile methodology. I left Margo in 2015 to work directly with the final client, but came back after one year.  While I used to execute technical tasks within an IS team, I have now moved to the other side of the interface, with a more functional dimension, on R&D related with Risk Management.  Concurrently, I am involved in Margo’s development through talent management.


Why did you choose Margo?

First of all, because I was co-opted. It was a good indicator of Margo’s level and care about its employees. Many friends told me about their respective companies, but Margo seemed to have the highest standards, across its recruitment process and missions. Moreover, I had met Margo consultants during a previous internship at BNP, and they worked on interesting projects in Front Office.

I quickly passed 3 interviews with an HR Manager, a consultant and the Managing Director, which is rare and significant in such a company.  

What really convinced me is that Margo is the only computing services company that I know where you can choose your mission. Even before I started, they offered me 3 C# projects matching my profile. I only had to make my choice!

How does Margo help you to evolve and manage your career?

As a Microsoft influencer, Margo gives me the opportunity to commit with Microsoft technologies through technical watch, conferences, training organization, C# Academy development.

I work on technically and functionally rich projects. Margo’s management is really attentive, I have the chance to easily change missions according to my progression wishes.

In a few years, I would love to be Microsoft MVP, but still within Margo!

For me, Margo’s most representative values are trust and honesty

According to you, what are Margo’s values?

For me, Margo’s most representative values are trust and honesty. We  are never oversold to our clients and Margo has always been transparent regarding the missions. I would add that Margo really cares about its people. Missions consistently bring added value for the consultants, and I have seen clients refused because their projects were not interesting enough for our teams.

If you had to describe Margo using only one word, which one would you choose and why?

Open-mindedness: Margo does not hesitate to explore new markets. Our founders even created a start-up studio (#LaPiscine) in order to support innovation and new ideas within the company. A good example would be the opening of the Polish subsidiary. One of Margo’s employee wanted to move there and was supported by the management team. This first international experience is a true success: the subsidiary now employs 40 people.

Tell us more about your missions outside your client projects?

Outside my client projects, I lead the C# Academy. It’s an internal school created to teach C# language to Margo’s consultants. I manage the training plan, follow attendees’ progress, take care of the working environment, I also coach other consultants on diverse subjects:  interview training, technical advice, programmer support.

In addition, I dedicate 2 days per month to my Microsoft influencer role. That allows me to attend conferences in my area of expertise.

Financial Markets
High Performance IT
Human Resources


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