Meet Mathieu, a Margo consultant

Read about the journey of Mathieu, a Margo consultant assigned to a mission for a major investment bank

It was only after achieving an engineering degree from Supelec that Mathieu became interested in IT. At Margo, he trained in the C# Academy and continues to improve his skills on a daily basis.


Tell us about your academic studies.

I always liked IT, but it only played a minor role in my studies. I did a preparatory maths course before starting at the Supélec engineering college. It was only after I finished my degree that I decided to work in IT. I got interested in the internet giants and their IT innovations: the development of Agile, DevOps etc. I found that you don’t learn IT via academic methods, it’s a hands-on affair.


What is your current mission for Margo?

I am on a mission for a major French investment and finance bank, in the R&D department, working on risk valuation and analysis activities. I am supporting the client in the development of a calculation engine based on Grid Computing and NoSql technologies. I also get to work on leading-edge technologies, such as Cassandra. We work in Continuous Delivery mode and are studying Cloud and Big Data solutions to maintain project innovation levels. Performance is at the heart of the project. As my algorithm skills are constantly in demand, this mission allows me to improve every day.


Tell us about your experience at the C# Academy.

The C# Academy was a real opportunity to upskill quickly. The training is tailored to the client’s requirements. It increased my confidence and my independence. Once I was on a mission, I was soon able to get operational. With what I have learned, I can now take an active part in the recruitment of new staff by confirming their technical skills.


What advice would you give to someone applying for a job?

IT is constantly changing! Know how to stress some of your strong skills, whether these relate to a technology, a language or an algorithm, but above all, demonstrate your flexibility. For me, a good candidate is one who, first of all, can adapt easily and is prepared to work as part of a team.


What do you like most about Margo?

Margo is a company on a human scale, it has 10 years’ experience, it has kept its youthful approach. It keeps an eye on developments in the market and is demanding as regards the missions offered to the consultants.

Also, it lets us get involved in the company’s development; don’t forget, the C# Academy was an employee’s idea!

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