Margo signs a strategic partnership with XSCALE Alliance

Margo strengthens its Business Agility offer by becoming the first partner of XSCALE Alliance in France


Paris, May 15th 2018 – Margo, a consulting firm specialized in the digital transformation of organizations on highly technical complex projects, is the first French company to become a partner of the Agile community XSCALE Alliance. This partnership reinforces Margo’s value proposition on its Business Agility offer and demonstrates its willingness to accompany its clients in their large scale organizational transformation.


With this partnership, Margo goes further in the training of its coaches and of its clients, on agile methodologies. Today, Margo and XSCALE Alliance agree that having agile teams in their IT departments is not enough anymore. The entire organization needs to become flexible and responsive, to quickly adapt to market changes.


Margo chose to partner with XSCALE Alliance for its differentiating approach of agile transformation, famous worldwide. Peter Merel, founder of XSCALE Alliance, is a well-known personality from the agile community, credited in Kent Beck’s first book about eXtreme Programming and a participant in the meetings that led to the Agile Manifesto. Merel successfully coached several major Australian institutions in their agile transformation including Insurance Australia Group and the Commonwealth Bank. Drawing on more than twenty years experience of agile change and delivery programs in Australia and in the United States, he founded XSCALE Alliance in 2014 as « the Linux of the Agile world ». The first open ecosystem promoting the principles of Agile Organization, XSCALE Alliance is a global network of independent coaches and consultancies collaborating to generate uncompromised, self-propagating agile transformations for a broad range of large organizations in many industry sectors.


By gathering “agile champions” to form the kernel of a new culture, and then growing this by splitting and doubling, the self-propagating approach avoids making clients dependent on external coaches. Bringing agility to the cultural development of an organization convinced Leila Benachour, VP & Lead Business Agility at Margo, to create a partnership with XSCALE Alliance. She explains: “When we speak about agility, the common idea coming immediately to mind, is that of a technical team, self-organized, regularly delivering a high-quality product and improving it over time. It was not enough for me. This reality could be upgraded to the organizational level. I imagined or dreamt about a company able to adapt to market changes because of its safe, cooperative, transparent, responsive and fair internal environment. Reading Peter Merel’s articles and talking with him made me recover this sense of Agility.”



For XSCALE Alliance, this partnership represents a double opportunity: entering the French agile ecosystem while benefitting from Margo’s leadership in highly technical and complex project management. “XSCALE Alliance chose Margo as our first partner in France to leverage its proven capabilities in digital transformation, business architecture and high finance R&D. Margo’s strengths naturally complement those of XSCALE Alliance.” says Peter Merel, its founder. “Margo and XSCALE will work together to bring client capabilities up to the agile state of the  art: self-directing portfolios of self-managing streams of self-organizing teams”.


 Margo’s coaches have been certified since May, 6th, after receiving intensive training in the XSCALE Business Agility pattern language and coaching disciplines.



About Margo –


Margo is a Tech Native consulting firm accompanying companies in their digital transformation on highly technical complex projects. Its offers are organized around 4 expertises: Business Agility, High Performance IT, Data to Business and IT Modernization.

By putting innovation at the heart of its model, Margo guides companies in their strategic choices and in the creation of new technologies, in order to gain a competitive advantage. Margo also benefits from the ecosystem of startups created by its founders thanks to the startup studio #LaPiscine.

With more than 300 employees and €25.6 million of revenue in 2017, Margo has constantly grown since its creation and is now established in France,  Poland, and in the United Kingdom.


About XSCALE Alliance –


XSCALE is the Linux of the Agile world, an open ecosystem of independent coaches and consultancies generating uncompromised, self-propagating agile transformations for its clients. XSCALE is a framework of three pattern languages integrating business agility, product management, and SciDevOps – the combination of DevOps and Data Science. XSCALE was recognised by Gartner in their 2016 and 2017 market guides to Enterprise Agile Frameworks. Gartner describes XSCALE’s pattern languages as plug-compatible with all the competing enterprise agile frameworks.

XSCALE Alliance is also the first institutional member of the Business Agility Institute, a strategic partner to the Agile Business Consortium and the first institutional signatory of the Agile Agnostic Oath. XSCALE is actively collaborating with partners including The Agility Collective in Australasia, the Swiss Agile Association and Finaplana AG in Switzerland, Agilive Asia in Singapore, ValueInnova in the US, Wakaleo in the UK, QA Agility in India, Agile Launchpad in Canada, and since 2018, Margo in France.

Business Agility


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Margo reveals its new strategic and brand positioning

Paris, February 12, 2018 - Margo, a French Consulting company created in 2005 and historically specialized in IT and in the Financial Markets, changes its business model in order to accompany new industries in their transformation plans. This is also the opportunity for Margo to reveal its new original brand identity, using a customizable logo.

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