Discovering a web team

Discover how one of our teams works with the client


Meet our team in charge of a client-oriented web application.


What is the aim of this application?

The application allows the delegation of  the creation of financial products through a web interface. The interface is  used both by internal (Sales, Traders, Structurers) and external (investors) clients.

Internal users can easily obtain the prices of structured products and book deals. Investors can access the definitions of the structured products.

What about the technical aspect ?

Technically, we develop the application in order to make it more flexible and reactive. The goal is to shift from a monolithic application to a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with a NoSQL base.

On the Front side, the application shifts from Jquery to Javascript and AngularJS.

On the Back side, the core is in Java5 but all the microservices will be developed in Java8

How is the team organized?

The team is part of a global digitalization project. It’s a key challenge for the bank.

It’s a fast-growing international team. Today, we have 25 people based in Paris, 3 in Hong-Kong and 1 in New-York. Two thirds are developers, in charge of  front and back end. The rest of the team are Business Analysts.

We use a waterfall model, with different sprints, to ensure regular deliveries.

A word from the Margo consultant:

The environment is really challenging. I involve myself and take initiatives. After only six months, I have a dual role: I am both a Full-Stack Developer and an IT Architect.

I structure the project and design the migration.
We constantly have to adapt ourselves. We’re doing what I call « organic IT ».

The atmosphere is also really good, every Thursday night, we have a beer with the team!

A conclusion from the Business Manager:

This project is an amazing opportunity to work on a very strategic application for the client. The Business team is really involved and spares no expense.

Indeed, there are nice growing perspectives for the team. Many innovative technological choices are studied, including implementing the Big Data ElasticSearch solution.



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