Amira, Manager and Agile Coach

Read the story of Amira, a Consultant Manager and Agile coach at Margo

An engineer by training, I pursued my academic career at Télécom SudParis. My first experience as a Business Analyst at Murex, a specialist publisher of financial markets software, was very interesting and provided me with skills in finance and project management.
However, after working for the publisher for 5 years, I wanted to be on-site in an investment bank environment. So I joined Margo and carried out project management missions on cross-department Front Office, Back Office and Risk issues. Two years ago, I was promoted to the post of Consultant Manager at Margo. Recently, I took on a working methods coaching mission.


Why did you choose to work for Margo? 

I knew Margo through a friend who told me of the opportunities and of the support that you receive at Margo. So I applied and I appreciated both the discussions that we held during the recruitment process and the quality of the missions offered to me.


How does Margo support your career management and personal development? 

Over the last few years, I have been able to develop new responsibilities and become progressively closer to the support and coordination roles that most attract me.

I began as the consultant project owner in the primary materials trading IT department at Société Générale. Then I completed the Scrum Master training, which gave me expertise in the theory of Agile methods and helped me to develop this role as part of my mission. I have also been able to broaden my knowledge by attending lectures on agility and delivering such lectures myself in-house for Margo.

At the same time, together with Margo, I defined the Consultant Manager role that I took up in January 2016. I support other consultants in the development of their careers, which gives a managerial dimension to my work, in which I am especially interested. It also means participating in the delivery of in-house training related both to agility and financial markets. This enables me to continuously develop my expertise in several areas.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been able to work towards a new role, that of coaching in working methods. It’s a role that inspires me.


What would you say are the day-to-day values promoted by Margo?

For me, the day-to-day values that Margo promotes are very clear: transparency, continuous improvement and excellence.


If you had to sum up Margo in one word, what would it be and why? 

To sum up Margo in a word, I would say ‘innovation’. We aren’t happy just doing what we already know how to do. We always try to find and put new ideas into place. One example is the transformation currently taking place at Margo.


What do you think are the benefits of setting up an Agile organisation in a company?

Agility is a methodology that combines values and practices with proven effectiveness in the organisation and management of projects. Ultimately what matters, besides agility, is the goal of continuous self-development. Having a grasp of existing tools like the Agile methods makes this easier for you to get there. Of course, it’s a matter of drawing on and adapting these methods for each situation in partnership with the teams affected by the transformation.


Financial Markets
Human Resources


What role for the manager in the era of self-management?

Since the emergence of Taylorism and of the specialized worker executing one specific task, working methods never stopped to evolve. Nowadays, in the era of self-management, we make sure that every employee has been given the keys to participate in the decision making process and to perform his mission.

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Margo was able to offer me interesting missions with transparent relationships with the clients. I felt in a bond of trust right away.