3 questions to Sébastien Bourguignon, Principal & Lead Digital Influencer at Margo

Discover the interview of our Blockchain expert by Havas Blockchain


Once a week, Havas Blockchain interviews key people from the blockchain ecosystem. Sébastien Bourguignon, our Principal & Lead Digital Influencer, accepted to participate in this initiative. Discover his interview:


First of all, can you present us who you are and your activities ?

My name is Sébastien Bourguignon, I’m Principal and Lead Digital Influencer for Margo, a consulting firm. We advise our clients on their digital transformation program on three level : technology, methodology and organization. Our current offerings concern data and artificial intelligence, agile transformation and organizational coaching, renovation of information systems and finally all about high performance computing in constrained environments. The blockchain is an offer that we are structuring and should be ready before the end of the year.

I have been working on the subject of blockchain since 2015. I have been advising my clients on their projects based on this technology in the financial services sector for more than 2 years. I give training on blockchain and I publish lots of content on different websites like Les Echos SolutionsLa Tribune or Siècle Digital as well as on social media like Twitter and Linkedin.


You have worked on several ICOs and blockchain project : what is the key to success for ICOs? And for blockchain projects ?

For me there are several key success factors to make an ICO succeed. The first, and surely the most important, is the white paper which must contain a clear and understandable value proposition for everyone. There is nothing worse than a project that you do not understand on first reading. […]


Can you tell us about your favourite applications of blockchain technologies ?

I can share with you the projects that I like and that bring today real breaks thanks to the blockchain. I am thinking in particular of a French project like Booking Token Unit (BTU) whose promise is to revolutionize the tourism sector by providing a low level technical protocol on Ethereum that will allow everyone to have a decentralized booking solution without having to go through traditional platforms, it would be the uberizer of AirBnB. […]



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