Business Agility Conference #LaPiscine (75008) Tuesday, November 27th, 2018 from 9am to 11am or from 12pm to 2pm
27/11/2018 09:00 au 27/11/2018 11:00

Business Agility Conference with Evan Leybourn

Certain Uncertainty - The State of Business Agility

Exclusive: Attend Evan Leybourn’s first parisian talk on November 27th!

For the first time in France, Margo invites you to attend a talk from Evan Leybourn, founder of the Business Agility Institute. We propose you two formats of conference on the subject “Certain Uncertainty – The State of Business Agility” on November 27th, at 9am and at 12pm.

Online Registration Required – seats are limited

The world is changing more rapidly than ever before and organisations of all sizes are struggling to remain relevant to their customers. The simple fact that the average lifespan of a company has decreased by more than 50 years in the last century demonstrates that organisations are not all prepared for this new reality. Only high-performing, adaptable and agile organisations will leverage, lead and thrive in this ambiguous and unpredictable market. It’s in this context that we can talk about Business Agility.

There is no common definition of what business agility means. And that’s actually a good thing. In a dynamic and changing market trying to lock it down will defeat the very advantage it brings. Instead, Evan Leybourn suggests to start thinking of business agility as the common thread. An adaptable and sustainable narrative that binds & guides, rather than directs, us into the uncertain future.

In this talk, Evan Leybourn will share the state of business agility around the world. We’ll look at the Domains of Business Agility, interspersed with findings from the recent Business Agility Report that studied 166 companies worldwide.

Practical info :

  • Date and time:
    • Tuesday, November 27th from 9am to 11am (conference from 9.30am to 10.30am)
    • Tuesday, November 27th from 12pm to 2pm (conference from 12.30pm to 1.30pm)
  • Access: #LaPiscine – 9 rue Christophe Colomb – 75008 Paris
  • Online registration required


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Who is Evan Leybourn?

Evan is the Founder and CEO of the Business Agility Institute; an international membership body to both champion and support the next-generation of organisations. Companies that are agile, innovative and dynamic – perfectly designed to thrive in today’s unpredictable markets. His experience while holding senior leadership and board positions in both private industry and government has driven his work in business agility and he regularly speaks on these topics at local and international industry conferences.

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#LaPiscine – 9 rue Christophe Colomb – 75008 Paris


What is an agile company?

Agility has been the subject of numerous theories, publications and conferences for several years. The concept was historically created during a gathering of software development experts in 2001. They explain the ins and outs of what we know as « agile » through a founding document called the “agile manifesto“, which encompasses 4 values and 12 principles. At the time, it was mainly a solution proposed by developers to manufacture a software in the most efficient way while guaranteeing its adequacy with the needs of the customer. 17 years later, things have changed, and the agile manifesto provides only part of the answers to bring out a new product or service with what specialists call a good time-to-market and a good product market fit in the digital age.

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What role for the manager in the era of self-management?

Since the emergence of Taylorism and of the specialized worker executing one specific task, working methods never stopped to evolve. Nowadays, in the era of self-management, we make sure that every employee has been given the keys to participate in the decision making process and to perform his mission.

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Why should large groups prepare themselves for "mutation" now?

In an ultra-fast, increasingly connected economy, where evolutions are constantly multiplying, large groups are preparing for internal and external changes. We offer here some concrete examples of the changes to explore.

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Concepts and neologisms around Lean and Agile methods

Today there is an increasing multiplication of concepts around the managing methods of development projects. But to succeed in adapting them to each context, it is important to first understand the basic principles.

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Margo signs a strategic partnership with XSCALE Alliance

Margo, a consulting firm specialized in the digital transformation of organizations on highly technical complex projects, is the first French company to become a partner of the Agile community XSCALE Alliance. This partnership reinforces Margo’s value proposition on its Business Agility offer and demonstrates its willingness to accompany its clients in their large scale organizational transformation.

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Digital Women Day #ForABetterWorld

On Tuesday, April 17th 2018, the Margo HR team attended the French Digital Women Day (Journée de la Femme Digitale), thought up by Delphine Remy-Boutang. It was a great opportunity to meet inspiring, bold, innovative and creative women. On the agenda: CEOs, Senior Officials, intra and entrepreneurs, Heads of Communication, General Managers, Secretaries of State. Many profiles with various careers and one common goal: innovation for all and by all.

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