Our values

Boldness and performance for a Tech native company!

At Margo, we show attachment to our values on a daily basis. We strongly believe these values allow us to support the evolution of our clients, partners and employees. We achieve this day after day through R&D and the identification of the most complex and strategic missions, the ones that represent the strongest added-value and that allow our consultants to surpass themselves and to blossom. .
I am tech. You are tech. He is tech. From day one, we create technology, and not of any kind: Deep Technology. Back in 2005, Deep Tech was not the same as it is today. We are moving forward with it, trying to follow without being outrun, and sometimes, we have the great honor to invent it. That’s what we do. Our first success in this domain is CodeCase!
Entrepreneurs at heart, we like to shake received ideas and come up with new different solutions.
Boldness pushes us to take received ideas and come up with new and different solutions. Which are not always successful. But when they are, they not only bring value, but the value. Being bold is to innovate. Innovating is to be competitive. And above all, how boring life would be without boldness!
Is there a better way to assess what we produce than by focusing on performance? It’s not about being liked or being consensual. It’s not about delivering a working tool. It’s about producing a high-performing solution. The one that will bring a competitive advantage to our clients. The main difference between yesterday and today is that technology is not only a means but also an end. Disruptive technologies succeed one another. Our goal now is to derive maximum performance from it, in order to avoid disruption.
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