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On the road to IT innovation

Driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Olivier Hémar and Xavier Lagarrigue founded Margo in 2005. They both came from top international consulting firms and had a clear idea of what worked and what didn’t. This led them to identify a point of difference as simple as it was efficient: satisfying both consultants and clients. .
This could seem obvious but it’s not. You have clients who want to be supported by a team experienced in similar projects. On the other hand, you have consultants who don’t want to continually repeat projects of the same nature. How do you deal with this paradox?

Olivier and Xavier’s solution is about innovation. By definition, innovating implies creating something new. Consultants blossom because their natural curiosity and their need for creativity are satisfied. Clients then demand the best team likely to innovate, and not anymore the one who « has done it before». Both work on ambitious and value-added projects.
« Tech Native », Margo succeeded in evolving to position itself as a technology creator, and invested from 2010 in R&D programs.
To solve this satisfaction equation, you need to find the most innovative projects and the best consultants in their domain. The Financial Markets sector is a great innovation playground, as it offers complex projects with strong mathematical issues, almost in real time, volumetrics…It is also the first sector to massively invest in digitalization.
Therefore, Margo naturally achieved a leading position in Front Office IT Consulting, where innovation is most sustained only a few years after its creation.
However, the road of technological innovation does not stop there and is as fascinating as it is unpredictable.

Where is IT innovation today? It is hard to answer because things are moving fast.
The real move comes from our clients. Ten years ago, they would to say « we only adopt a technology when it’s proved its worth ». Three years ago, they would to say « we need to quickly adopt new technology to avoid being overtaken by competitors ». They now say « we have to create technology ourselves to avoid disruption ». We believe that this new emergency is an extraordinary opportunity for Margo. Thanks to our leading position on complex missions, we are already able to identify dysfunctions, processing lags, and technology deficits.

In this way, we have changed our model. We are still a consulting firm but additionally we have developed the expertise of a software editor and the agility of a start-up, by investing in R&D since 2010.

Today, we offer companies our technical, methodological and managerial expertise on High Performance IT, Data Management and Digitalization. Moreover, we have developed our own tools to accompany your IT Modernization projects and implementation Labs.

Margo also invests abroad, in Poland and in the UK, and in diverse industries (Transport, Energy, Media).

The future of IT will include small teams, better communication, large scale agility, better proximity with operations and multiple tools. Back in the 2000s, large and often outsourced teams were used. The gap between these two models was and still is huge. We choose to plunge into it and fill it.
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