Fosdem 2019 2th and 3rd of february 2019 - Bruxels FOSDEM'19
03/02/2019 15:10 au 03/02/2019 15:50

FOSDEM’19 : automatic code transformation

How to build an automatic refactoring and migration toolkit ?

Juliette Tisseyre, Lead Software Engineer in R&D at Margo, will answer to this question in the ML on Code devroom at FOSDEM 19 on Sunday 3rd February 2019 in Brussels.

Every code base needs to be modernised at some point, either to reduce the technical debt or to migrate to another language. In such complex and challenging projects, automation is a key point to reduce the workload of low added-value tasks as monotonous refactoring or redundant paradigm translation.

To do so with our clients, struggled with deeply in-debt code bases, we built an in-house toolkit to support the developers in modernisation projects from detection to transformation. We created a language-agnostic model to represent code and several engines based on it: code smells and custom pattern detection, quality metrics, automatic refactoring, code generation…

During her talk, Juliette will share with you:

  • The steps to build a toolkit to automate code’s transformation
  • A few practical use cases.


Learn more about Juliette Tisseyre

Juliette is a French software engineer with a ML speciality. She is passionate about code quality and maintainability issues.

For the last 4 years, Juliette has worked on a set of Code Mining tools to automatically audit, refactor and migrate code from large industrial applications.

Juliette is also invested in feminism and she’d love to talk with you about beers, video games and fashion.



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